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How to Write Again

I am still trying to re-learn how to write. As a matter of fact, I was a competitive writer then, I am not just sure how I became someone who doesn’t know how to tell stories anymore, I thought that’s my innate talent, but I think I am mistaken.

Let’s see. In English class we were instructed to learn as many vocabularies as we can, we then taught how to use them in sentences. Next, the teachers asked us to create paragraphs and then, later on, we were constantly given an assignment to write a composition. That was one of the many homework that I enjoy doing, or, to be more accurate, that was the ONLY homework that I was having fun doing. All of my English teachers had encouraged us to read in order to hone our skills in vocabulary, critical thinking, sentence construction and, I guess, creativity. Those times were also the best times in school for me.

During high school, I was a part of the journalism class. We were taught there how to make news articles, editorial, sports news, feature and even literary. I learned that there are different ways to start your entry and every article has its own formats. For the news, the 5 Ws and H should be present on the lede or what is widely known as the introduction. The article itself has an inverted pyramid structure, meaning that the writer should start from the most important bits of information narrowing down to the least essentials. To be honest, I was having a hard time doing that. Yes, I could write a news article, I can make lede easily, but when it comes to the succeeding paragraphs, I find it difficult to organize my thoughts. Actually, I find every bit of information very important, that’s the reason why I usually take a long time figuring out what details should I put next.

What follows is the editorial. There are a lot of different types of editorial articles. At the beginning, I thought that the sole aim of editorial articles is to convince the readers of anything that the writer want them to believe. However, upon studying it further, I learned that the columnist could use other voices when writing in the editorial column. S/he could argue, inform and interpret, commemorate a special occasion, events or people and entertain (I had to google some of these other types since I already forgot about them).

Next, sports news… Oh wait, I hate writing sports news. I cannot recall anything from it aside from having a lot of sports lingo in it that the writer should be familiar about. The only lingo I can remember to this day is “rally”, which means the continued tossing the ball from one team to another. It was commonly used in volleyball…or is it in badminton? Or maybe both?

Feature and literary commonly come hand in hand. These two are my most favorite genres because it appears like there are no boundaries or certain rules to be followed. You can start your entry by introducing a quote from a book, from a famous person (or even from an ordinary one) or even an excerpt from a novel, poem or song. You just have to be creative enough to really make a good feature or literary article.

Okay, here comes the ending. Most genres mentioned above ends with a conclusion and that is what I am lacking in my recent entries. As I’ve said, I do not know how to write anymore and so, most of the time, I am finishing my posts in some kind of a random statement. I remember that in order to have your article to be memorable with the readers, it should have a strong introduction and a strong last paragraph. Just like the introduction, there are also different types of conclusion, but I will save it for another composition, that is if can find the motivation to write again.

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That Grandpa Who Was Standing Next to Me

This is going to be a brief post compared to that last one that I’ve shared.

So yesterday, Tuesday, I accompanied my father to the bank to get his debit card. All the seats were taken that time so we stood next to the last occupied seat. To pass the time, I turned on my Nintendo console and tried to resume the game I was playing, and a moment later, a man who might be a bit older than my father, stood next to me and asked me if I was the last in line. I answered him, yes and then I went back to playing. I don’t know. I think I got the feeling that he wants to talk or something but I am not actually that much of a talker. In fact, I am terrible in making up small talks.

Anyway, the line moved a bit. It turned out that the two other older men who were sitting at the end of the line were not actually there to transact. I think their businesses with the bank were done, they might be simply resting or waiting for someone or something. Back to the story. I moved a bit. There was a free seat then so my father got to seat while I step aside to give way to those other customers. The old man who was standing next to me asked me again if I was falling in line. I answered him, no, I was just there to accompany my father. The white-haired man smiled. He told me that what I was doing was right. I should take care of my parents as what was written in the Bible. I smiled too. And then he went on to talk about his children and grandchildren. Then we talked about work. I learned that he was working as a sales agent for a medicine company. He told me that he is used to waiting in line even if the queue is really long.

“I think my job taught me how to be patient,” he said. “You have to have a lot of patience in that kind of work.”

He also taught me a trick. “You know, I am usually the first one in every line that I need to fall into.” He might have seen the confused look on my face for he continued, “I don’t usually look at the beginning of a line. What I do is I turn around so I am facing the back. That way, I can trick myself that I am the first one on the queue.”

Well, what I admire about the guys was that he’s really friendly, he’s easy to talk to and he seemed to be always cheerful. Above all, he has a positive mind which is kind of rare at the present time. My encounter with him made me think about my career path. What if I pursue geriatrics instead?


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Affinity: Book Review

Affinity is not the first book I have read from Sarah Waters. But, like her other books, I was not disappointed with this one.

I started reading the book two years ago but it was just recently that I found time to start over and finish it.

It is a bit slow paced actually. Maybe that was the main reason why I didn’t finish it at the first. However, those small details are necessary for the conclusion of the story.

Read At Your Own Risk; Contains Some Spoilers

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A Second

Three steps to reach your floor,

Sixteen skips towards your room.

Two seconds before you lift your eyes,

Then another one before the school bell rang.


A few moments to collect your things,

Ten feet to cover before you invade my space.

Four seconds spent on holding each other’s gazes,

One smile and a wink to double the number of my heartbeat.

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I Fell in Love…Then Felt Devastated After

I have been feeling extreme emotions these past days.

It started with a song titled Girl Crush from the band Little Big Town. I thought it is a song about girls loving girls! It turns out that no, it is not. This singer loves the guy who is with her “girl crush,” But if you will try to spin it a little, you can still get an LGBT outcome from it. Try to imagine that the “you” on the song is actually a “she” instead of a “he.” You get what I mean?

Anyways, so there. I found out that it is not girl x girl. So, I wonder if there are any real songs that depict the love of a girl to another. There must be! Song is an art, isn’t it? All things you can imagine have songs. Even cups or headbands.

I was successful in looking for girlxgirl songs. I already downloaded some of them just now. Then, I found this video made by a gorgeous lady. The video’s title is Her Love and it’s from Ally Hill’s channel on YouTube.

The video is very intimate. There are lots of kisses and hugs and…bed scenes? Although not the bed scenes that you can classify as SUPER intimate. The scenes were simply taken while they were on the bed, hence the “bed scene” reference.

I got curious if they are really together. I went to Ally’s channel and I found a lot of videos there. With both of them in it. The first one that I clicked was Ally’s Valentine’s video for her girlfriend Stevie. And it was so cute! I watched a couple more videos of them, and every time I click one link after another, I fell in love with both of them more. They are so good for each other. They compliment one another. I was all smiles before going to bed that evening.

The next day, I watched more videos from them both. While revisiting Ally’s video, I scrolled down and read the comments. That’s how I knew that they are no longer together. I heard my heart cracked.

These past days, I always feel giddy and sad at the same time. I fell in love and then got brokenhearted. But according to the internet, they are still friends. I just hope they get back together. I just admire what they have. Their relationship is really great.